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My October looked like one day... I just ran and ran (physically and mentally) and how quick it was that days went on.

It’s a lovely moment for me as an artist, I could make many things with lovely people.

Thankfully I got many great feedbacks and that make my power to run these days.

In Fitzgerald Park, a robin coming in front of me and spending time with me. (I don't know maybe he just thinks I have SOMETHING...)

Around 1 minute, it feels longer than my October. I felt that I really should figure out how to make my schedule make 1 minute seem like 1 minute.

I'm looking forward to many things, I want to do many things.

But honestly, I have only one body and I don't have teleportation powers yet.

Until I get it, I should work on a more Academic control for my time.

1: Write down schedule
2: Take day off (min 2 days in a week)
3: Play Baseball every week on day off
4: Stay your self

Today, Monday, I'm staying in front of PC and doing things with PC at home.

My cat will break my ears, poor wifi makes me use dirty language...

But it feels good.

5: Monday work from home.

See you and have a lovely week!


Today's song

The yellow monkey / TV singer

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