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Blog renewal + KFEST 2021!!!

K-FEST2021 October bank holiday (22-25 oct. 2021) at Killorglin Co. Kerry

K-FEST website

Woooow...!!! K-FEST 2021 was already 1 week ago.

I was extremely busy in October (maybe since September...), I was really looking forward to join this festival that became my first Irish art festival to work. I'm so lucky that my first festival was K-FEST, and thank you for you coming at K-FEST!

K-FEST - How to enjoy?

Music - Live sound from Irish and international artists! You just go around the town, you can find some gig anyway!

I was tired from the installation on my first day but on the second day I just popped in to the night live music with

-Turnstiles : 5 piece punk band from Galway

-The Love Buzz : Alt-rock band from Cork

They’re amazing bands, check them out if you’re interested!

Art and art...and ART for 3days

I visited K_FEST as an artist, and I met many lovely people who work like me.

We could chat about our work and also you can find your favourite as a visitor!

Art festival is not only for the artist, not only for the audience, it's for everybody.

K-FEST has a big motivation for that, and I'm really delighted I worked with them!

My next

Well, as I said my Instagram got blocked suddenly and it was the only one social network for me since I've been working as an artist. So, well, I'm wondering always what really is a social network.

I'll be right on the next topic maybe better. (It will be long, I guess)

Next I'll make more time to build my art practice and life, without social media. I'll have more time to think about myself and my work and my blog!

First, I'll rest actually. Since I didn't have HOLIDAY in my brain for a long time!

Seeeeeeen ya!


Today's song

of course...

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